SAMS Unwashed Squid C6 400g Pack (loligo chinensis)


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SAMS Unwashed Squid C6

400g Pack

(loligo chinensis)

Sams unwashed squid is loligo squid this squid is unwashed (dirty) which basically means as it comes out of the sea .

There is more scent in unwashed/dirty squid and therefore fish find it quicker and it washes out slower leaving more scent for longer too.

The squid is ideal size 6cm to 10 cm in length approx 12   in a pack this can be used whole or cut into strips

The best rig from the shore is  Pulley Pennel or a Pulley Dropper  for the bigger species ie Rays Cod Bass Smoothound , if targeting Bream or smaller mouthed fish etc then cut into strips

You can also stuff squid with worm fish or black lug or use it as a cocktail

here is a you tube video to show you how to bait up with Squid and also how to stuff it , with Dave Barham

Tried ILLEX Squid?

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