What is a Smooth-hound ?

Smooth-hound is a member of the shark family,a very hard fighting fish which migrates to our shores during spring to summer months to feed and give birth to its young in the safer shallower waters around the uk coastline.there are 2 species of  Smooth-hound the common Smooth-hound and the starry Smooth-hound .Smooth-hounds do not have teeth they have a powerful boney crushing jaw.

Where will i catch a Smooth-hound  ?

Some of the best areas are  Hampshire, Sussex and Essex coast, the East Coast beaches allthough they can be caught all across the british Coast  they come to within metres of the shoreline to feed and also are caught in boats but normally in much shallower waters . .

Smooth-hound are a shallow water shark species, which prefer sandybeaches  shingle and light broken ground  they rarely are found in very rocky areas

What is the best bait for a Smooth-hound ?

allthough they are a shark they dont prey on fish like a shark

they scour the seabed hunting for crabs, lobsters, hermit crabs Squid and Prawns being there favourite food  they will also eat Ragworms ,

The Smooth-hound loves the common shore Crab especially when it is shedding its shell   the Peeler Crab is its favourite food ,also you can catch Bass,Rays too when using Peeler Crabs .

What is the Best way to Catch a Smooth-hound ?

incoming tides are best but sometimes Low water Marks produce well too They prefer calmer conditions too . the best rig  from the shore is a  Single hook Pulley rig with a  strong hook  size 3/0 30lb snood and 70lb mainline is good baited with Crab,Prawn   Sakuma manta extra ,Varivas Bigmouth or The b950 uptide hook from Kamasan is also very good being the favourite choice Baited with Fresh or Frozen Peeler ,Prawns are also a great bait for them .Allthough you can catch Smooth-hounds in daylight they prefer Nightime to come in close to Give birth and also to feed  also there are less  predators for the new born pups  too..sometimes you wont get a normal bite you will get a slackline bite where the fish is coming in but be prepared ,they are a  extremely hard fighting fish and go off like a rocket a  Smooth-hound  will hit baits hard and run with the bait .always be close to your rods at all times and go down to 1 rod if there are numbers about ,ive seen many a rod pulled into the sea in seconds and lost to a powerful fish .be prepared ,set your drag ,some of the best Uk fishing battles  are from the Smooth-hounds .

How do i  unhook a Smooth-hound ? 

Never hold a Smooth-hound by just the tail it can kill it  crushing its internal organs support it with 2 hands 1 at the head and one hold its belly ,and keep it level  and use pliers,disgorger to remove the hook, Quickly  a wet towel helps with this process and quick picture and release straight back in the sea

Below is a list of the baits,rigs etc you will need if targetting these fish .

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