Bass Fishing Tips and Baits

The bass has to be one of the most targetted trophy fish for the shore Angler

With Bass fishing you have to think where are your going to go to fish for them 1st  ?
Piers,Jettys ,Rock marks ,Estuarys etc low tides ,high tides etc.
Bass will take a wide variety of baits but over the years i have found that sometimes its a seasonal thing
when Sandeels are in this is a great bait for Bass may onwards
Same with Mackerel Spratts etc
Garfish work extremely well too
when Peeler Crab or Softback are in from  March onwards the Bass love them
Prawns and Shellfish work very well too .
I like  Limpet Razor clam after a storm  cast out 30 yards in the surf has great results later in the year Oct/nov time
Sometimes in shallow estuarys a big Ragworm works well too freelined

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