What is a Brill fish ? 

Brill |

Brill are A member of the Flatfish Family closely related to the Turbot

the Brill is less rounder  more oval shape than a turbot and is lighter brown with spots but will often match the colour of its surroundings

Often confused with a Turbot below

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Where will i catch a Brill ? 

Brill are caught in similar areas to Turbot sandy ,shelly cleanish botton in spring/summer months come in shallower water around the south coast is best

What bait is Good for a brill ? 

Brill will feed in 2 Ways they either scavenge the seabed or hunt to feed . anything from Sandeels ,Launce.Crabs ,Hermit crabs ,Peeler Crabs Prawns any worms it finds ,shellfish too

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