What is a Coalfish ?

A Coalfish is related to the cod very similar to a Pollock,a

very powerful fish ,has a blackish dark back appearance compared to a pollock which is golden yellow colours

Pollock and Coalfish Identification Guide

What bait is good for Coalfish ?

A coalfish is a Predator Mackerel,Blueys ,squid ,Herring ,Sandeel ,Ragworm ,Lugworm and Peeler Crabs too

What rigs are good for Coalfish ?

ON the Boat a single longer flowing rig off the shore a Pully Rigor similar with a 4/0 upwards hook they have a relitively small mouth but ive caught many in norway 10lb on 8/0 hooks so match the hatch on the fish sizes you are targetting

Where will i catch a Coalfish ? 

Coalfish inhabit  deeper rocky  ground and rough areas and will venture to much cleaner ground looking for food mostly top of scotland sees a good run of smaller ones and in places in Ireland where there called Black Pollock .without a doubt Norway and Iceland has some of the best Coalfish fishing in the world



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