What is a Cod ? 

A Cod is a prized fish for anglers throughout the uk .

the colours of the cod vary from lighter speckly colours to much darker Kelp cod

Male cod fish serenade females with 'grunts' - Telegraph

Where will i catch a Cod ?

Cod are Found all around our coastline  being semi migratory there are some fish which stay around all year but most fish are caught autumn and winter

What bait will catch a Cod ? 

Cod are not fussy eaters they will eat almost anything when there scouring the seabed

Squid,Lugworm,Cuttlefish ,Crabs ,Shellfish,Mackerel etc

What rigs will i catch a Cod with ? 

normally with cod fishing a Pennel type rig is used as  a bigger bait for cod is best but saying this a single black Lugworm in the Autumn is sometimes unbeatable

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