Baitbox Cuttlefish


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Baitbox Cuttlefish

Our Baitbox cuttlefish are caught, vacuum packed and frozen as quick as possible to retain their succulent fish attracting qualities. Cuttlefish are a very underated bait indeed, but I can assure you that it is one of the best baits to use for quality cod and other specimen sized fish.

Use the head and guts whole for big fish like cod, conger and bass, or cutting it in half is really good for rays and hounds as well. For the smaller species cut into slim strips as you would a Squid.

Product Usage:

Using a good filleting knife, cut along the body from bottom to top, open out and you will see a ‘marble’ sized ink sack which you will need to cut away. Next grab the head and while holding the body of the cuttlefish down, pull the head and guts upwards and out all in one go. The bone comes out very easily.