Conger Eel

What is a Conger Eel ? 

A Conger Eel is one of the 100 eel species its can grow too 100lb  dark greyish bluey green in colour  colouring varies with depths etc plus lives off wrecks  and is mostly caught from the boat  smaller Conger Eels are caught from the shore too has sharp teeth ang a powerful crushing  jaw pure muscle a Conger eel is a  hard fighting powerful fish .

What Bait will catch a Conger eel ? 

The Conger Eel  Loves Mackerel,Squid ,Octopus,Blueys ,pouting and ive even caught them on Ragworm

Where will i catch a Conger Eel ? 

the west coast or the uk but is caught in the east coast and can be found other places around the uk and europe also has Conger Eels

What rigs should i use ? 

from a boat 100lb mono snoods single strong hook from the shore there normally by catch but if your specifically targeting congers a pully rig 6/0 with big baits and strong snoods is a must.

How do i land a Conger Eel ? 

Smaller eels can be netted larger ones carefully Gaffed allthough you can eat congers there not the greatest tasting fish

below is some baits and rigs you can catch Congers with .

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