Live Ragworm ¼ lb


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Live Ragworm ¼ lb

All our Ragworm is Hand dug on a daily basis and kept in commercial fridges .

Ragworm  ,is Probably one of the most popular baits used in sea angling today  , for beach and boat fishing etc this is the bait it will catch almost every species of fish.

What is Ragworm ?

Ragworm is a species of worm commonly used for sea fishing ,There are two main types of ragworm used as bait: the larger king ragworm (Alitta virens) and the smaller worm (Perinereis cultrifera),Ragworm is a species of worm  which can be dug all around our coastline and in Ireland and some other countries too .The term King Ragworm denotes a larger worm ie 8 to 12 inches long .


How do i collect Ragworm ?

Collecting Ragworm can  be messy and dangerous, so make sure you know the areas ,tides ,mudbanks etc before you wander off digging in over thirty  years digging  i have rescued several people stuck in the mud .

Ragworm is found from the low tide mark to just below the high tide mark i certain areas in shingle ,mud,sand etc you can find the worm . Ragworm live in U-shaped burrows between the high and low water marks,a small hole above it shows you a worm is there , small spurts of water as you walk also are evidence a worm is there too.

What rig do i use ?

From a 1 ,2,3 Hook Flapper to a Pennel rig  Clipped rigs  for a big worm for stingrays .short answer depends on what species you are trying to catch,nice sharp hooks like Kamasan,Mustad,Sakuma etc

What fish will  it catch ? 

Bass,Bream,Sole,Flounder,Plaice,Rays, Wrasse,Smoothounds  Etc Etc in fact most uk shore and boat fish will fall to the worm

How do i bait up with Ragworm  ?

Easy simply thread the worm on the hook and make sure the gape of the hook isn’t covered too much and the hook barb is showing .

What is the best way to keep Ragworm ? 

Live Ragworm ¼ lb   Can be kept in a fridge or cool place for several days .