What is a Plaice ?

A Plaice is a member of the flatfish family .

some people confuse Flounders with Plaice as they both have spots ,normally the Plaice spots are much more prominent if your not sure Plaicehave,several bony bumps running across its head to the gills ,a Flounder does not have these bumps .

  • UK minimum size: 11in/28cm in length

When is the best time to catch a Plaice ?

from Early spring to late summer  March till September ,the Plaice come into british waters .when they 1st come in they are very thin where  they have been in deeper water Spawning and eating very little food

What is the best baits for Plaice ?

Black Lugworm.Blow Lugworm,Ragworm,Prawns ,Maddies Peeler Crab ,Shellfish  ,Mussel ,Mackerel and Squid strips ,Herring strips also work well are the fishes main food  lugworm being a favourite .

Where will i catch a Plaice ? 

Sandy,shelly Beaches or sandbanks  between rocks or deeper water

Brighton ,Eastbourne ,Chesil Beach to name a few good spots

The Plaice is one of the most common species around the uk and can be caught all around our coastline

What rigs and Techniques are best for Plaice ? 

A 2 hook  Flapper or Clipped rig  with longer snoods will work well,a Wishbone rig also a good Choice ,Smallish hooks from size 4 to 1/0  Aberdeen pattern  being a good choice Sequins are also good as plaice are a very inquisitive fish distances to casr vary from a few yards to a long cast depending on venues  a lead which will roll around in the tide will cover a lot more area and so help catch more fish too.

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