Sting Ray

What is a a Stingray ? 

in the uk the Stingray is the only A dark brown, greeny olivy black coloured Ray with smooth skin and  a rounded body and a pointy nose with a tail one and a half timeds the length of its body

the tail contains a large poisonous stinger

Were will i catch a stingray ?

The Stingray is widely distributed around the uk from the south of england toI reland the Stingray can be caught  and can be found in clean muddy sandy and finer shingle beds seabeds

What rigs are best for a Stingray ?

A Pulley rig or up and over rig  is a good rig from the shore a single 2/0 hook Strong pattern is favoured and a running Ledger rig from the boat  a friend of mine once caught a 46lb one on a size 8 fine wire hook 10lb snoods from Eastney beach

What bait is best for a Stingray ? 

The Stingray will eat Shellfish,marine worms ,crustaceons and fish,

The bait we use down the south coast for them is King Ragworm in bunches or 1 massive worm 

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