What is a Sole 

A sole is a member of the flatfish family ,

Also know as: Common Sole,Dover, Black Sole

Where is the best place to fish for sole?
The sole will mostly be found in muddy/sandy  areas with the best spots being between rocks and reefs. and in shallower waters through the summer months  The sole is mainly caught off southern and south-eastern Britain and southern Ireland.
 Hillhead, gosport ,hengistbury head Bournemouth beach area is a good venues
What Baits are best for Sole ?
Worms , Black Lugworm ,Blow Lugworm Ragworm
,Maddies ,Prawns and other small invertebrates will temp a Sole
When is it best to catch a Sole ? 
Night time without a doubt will give you a better chance,  from both boats and the shore is best as they feed better in the dark
What Rig is best for a sole ? 
There are several rigs you can use remember sole have small mouth so keep the baits small (match the hatch ) hook sizes 6 to 2 are best a aberdeen type hook  2 hook flapper type rig  ,Wessex rig ,etc
when in fast running water in a boat the rig is best to be held tight to the seabed
this is easilly done as at the top of the rig put a ounce lead then make the 2 hook flapper as normal keeps it bang on the seabed .
below is some baits and rigs to help you catch a sole




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