Frozen foreign Peeler Crab


Frozen Foreign Peeler Crab 

12 in stock

Frozen foreign Peeler Crab

4 in a pack 

Easilly 2 baits per crab 

1.  What are Frozen Foreign Peeler Crabs ? 

These are softshell Crabs similar to a large uk soft  crab ,fully prepared,peeled  ready to use .

2. What fish will Foreign Peeler  catch ? 

Foreign Peeler Crabs will catch a wide variety of fish

Bass,Bream,Cod,Smoothounds ,Rays ,Bullhuss,Dogfish,Plaice ,Flounders etc 

3. How do i bait up a Foreign Peeler Crab ? 

the crabs are quite big so cut in half ,or use whole ,then get a suitable hook and some elastic cotton and lash onto hook .



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