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A   1lb BOX in weight with ice  approx 15  Large Tiger Prawns 

What are Tiger Prawn ?

a stripey prawn 


What will Tiger Prawns Catch ?

The tiger prawn will catch most uk sea fish to include the following

Cod,Bass,Bream,Pollock,Plaice, Turbot,Brill,Rays ,Whiting,eels ,etc etc 

The Cod in Norway loved them , Rays find them irresitible Flatfish Plaice ,Turbot love them too

How do i Bait up with Tiger Prawn ?

Either use them whole with shell on if going for bigger fish on a 4//0 or 6/0 hook Sakuma Manta Extra is one of my favourites ,or Mustad Viking a great hook too.

get a baiting Needle or Bait loader  and put the prawn on then slide onto hook beying carefull not to mask the point of the hook ,bait presentation is key when using any baits ,Then get some fine bait elastic and wrap several turns around the bait and hook and your ready ,if using smaller hooks then cut the prawn with either scissors,or a sharp knife into the required size.

What Rig Is Best to use ?

This depends on what fish you are targeting or whether you are beach or boat fishing i personally love the Pulley or Pulley Dropper Rig from the shore with a 3/0 Sakuma manta extra as my hook choice ,if fishing for Plaice i would probably use  2 hook clipped or flapper rig

If i was fishing from the boat i would use a single hook running rig for Rays etc  or maybe a Wishbone  2 hook  rig for the Plaice, or other flatfish

Any questions ? 

please get in touch 

Email solentbaits@yahoo.co.uk

Phone 02292718978


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