Snake Launce


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Snake Launce

Snake LaunceĀ  3/4 in a pack

Are a superb bait for blonde rays tope ,Cod,Bass etc

Used live or dead a superb bait depending on size of the launce depicts what hook size you use some launce are 6 to 8 inchesĀ  inches long

snake launce are much bigger 10 to 12 inches long

found burying into sand around are coastline and the channel islands

normally 3 to 4 snake Launce in a packet can be used whole or in sections when on a boat not much need for bait elastic but from the sure a must

a long flowing rig(Portland rig) from the boat and a pulley dropper or pulley from the sure are the best rigs to use

here is Dave Barham showing you how to hook one from the boat .

seasonal availabilty on this product