What is a Tope ?

A Tope is very Powerful Member  of the Shark species , Slim Powerful Normally caught in boats but caught from the beach too in Certain areas Reaches weight of 70lb plus usually smaller from the shore .

what bait is best for a Tope ?

Mackerel ,Herring Pouting  ,large Sandeel or Herring,launce,Garfish  being the best baits  but Squid and Crustaceans also do work

The Tope has Razor sharp teeth  so Beware !  when landing it

Never use a gaff on a tope as,if will damage it and cause it to die in some instances use a  Landing net and hold correctly to prevent Damage to the Shark ,or yourself ,never pull it over the gunnels of a boat as causes damage and the shark will die

Where will i catch a Tope  ?

Most tope are caught in a boat  but ,A lot of fast moving deeper  inshore marks will produce tope ,they will follow the food source,Mackerel ,herirng Shoals  into a few feet deep a lot of Tope will be caught 30 to 60 mtrs from the shore fast moving water is best

What rig is best for a Tope ?

A wire trace  of 100/150 lb is a must for both shore and boat fishing with a rubbing leader of at least 100 lb mon ,the wire trace needs only be fairly short 12 inches  then a 2/3 foot rubbing leader above that Strong swivels too.

Hook size 5/0 to 6/0 is best and a strong hook pattern  Big mouth extra Varivas hooks ,O’shaugnessy or similar.

Best advise is BE PREPARED  have the right rigs ,Baits etc Have a weigh sling to weigh it Practice how you are going to unhook it,and hold it before you go.

Go with a friend if possible will be much easier to land  ,use 2 hands  ,long nosed pliers are great for unhooking the shark ,and ive found a wet towel over the head of the tope will subdue it cover the eyes  ,but be careful get it wrong and the Razor sharp teeth will cut to the bone in seconds .

below is some baits  etc for tope fishing

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