crab cart 500 grams pure coral


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crab cart 500 grams pure coral

Pure red crab cartĀ  Coral (eggs ) 500 grams

Certain times of the year the Female edible Crab makes a lot of red coral eggs

this is one of the best Cod Baits in the uk aswell as crab cart being a close 2nd

Can be used in various ways ,As a cocktail or Stuffed into squid or mesh,

or cut in Suitable size bits best used frozen

You can prepare your baits at home ,Refreeze and transport in a wide mouth vacuum FlaskĀ 

we post to uk Mainland only and to lowlands of Scotland

we Post monday to thursday only for next day delivery

we pack our parcels in a polystyrene box with ice

we put them on a next day courier

Stored at minus 31 in commercial freezers

sometimes out of our control the very odd parcel 1 in a 1000 gets delayed due to logistics in the courier business break downs driver illness etc we cannot be held responsible for defrosted bais if this happens ,and you take this risk when ordering


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