Blow Lugworm

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Blow Lugworm

Freshly dug Blow Lugworm,

Lugworm is probably the all round favourite bait used by   shore anglers around the uk .Can also be used in the boat too with equally great results

The best rigs are 2 or 3 hook flappers, or clipped rigs with hook sizes sizes ranging from 4 to 2/0  a sakuma manta or kamasan b940 being great sharp hooks ,and also if you want a bigger bait a pennel rig 2/0 to 6/0 from beach and,maybe tipped of with squid or mackerel to temp a nice big cod or bass



When threading on a hook take care and keep as many of the juices inside ,if you want to use a cocktail bait using bait elastic is a must ,the more you practice the better your bait presentation is and thus resulting in bigggr catches

very juicy bait catches a wide variety of species including Plaice,Flounders,Bream,Bass,Dogfish,Cod etc,, a great ,A great bait to have all year round on most beaches,, its body is a thin membrane filled with guts and juices , proving deadly on the match scene and pleasure fishing often picking out the better fish … Lay in newspaper with a sea peat covering keeps them fresh for 2/3 days ,, why not give them a try
The Lugworm are a bit more of a delicate bait than the ragworm. But we take care of them professionally, by putting in shallow trays and before we sent mix with sea peat and this is our found way of keeping them the best and as fresh as possible.


These are dug to order. Please call on

02392 718978 for delivery times etc

also collecting Lugworm is dependant on weather ie wind and the rain as the casts get washed away and are impossible to dig

please ring 1st


Thanks Pete and team

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