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2 to 5 in a pack

Solent Baits Cuttlefish is frozen in lots of black messy ink. Perfect for big winter cod. Comes in large bags of 2-4  small to medium cuttle.. A lot of boat anglers now choose cuttle as they are a perfect size to put on whole
This cuttlefish is a very good winter bait for cod. The cuttle fish can be cut in half and filled with black lugworm or a squid.. Very inky bait and a good scent trail. To be in with a chance for a big cod this winter don’t go without cuttle as it tends to pick out the larger fish.. The outside of the cuttle fish is a very thick rubber like membrane. This allows whiting, pout etc to nibble away and not destroy your bait, leaving it down in the water for longer often picking out large winter cod.
Great in strips too or cocktails.


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