The Winter Rig and Bait Pack

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The Winter Rig & Bait Pack

from Solent Baits

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The Winter Rig and Bait Pack

The Winter Rig & Bait Pack,  has been designed by us at Solent Baits to give you the Best bait , rigs and weights for a few good successful winter sessions , if your targeting Rays.Cod ,Whiting etc.

All the Rigs are tied using the best components available Asso,Kamasan,Sakuma,Amnesia etc

weights are   Dca or Breakaway Grip leads.

Frozen baits are the Best available on the market today so you can be assured of Quality and Freshness all our products are stored at minus 30



2 x  Pulley Rigs size 3/0

2 x Pulley Pennel Rigs Size 2/0 ,3/0

2 x Pulley Dropper rigs Size 3/0

2 x 2 hook flappers size 1

2 x Up & Over rigs size 2/0

qty 10 x Winter Rigs in Total  

1 x 200 mtr spool of superfine  Bait Elastic



2 x  Packs Squid/Lug cocktails

2 x Packs of Squid/ Blueys cocktails

2 x Packs of  Squid/ Mackerel cocktails

2 x Packs of Squid /Cart Cocktails

1 x Pack Black Squid

1 x Pack of falkland island Squid

1 x Pack Cuttlefish

1 x Halfbeak

1 x Pack of Mackerel Fillets

1x Pack of Herring

1 x Pack of Sandeels

1 x Pack of Crab

1 x Packs of Mussel

1 x pack of shellfish

1 x Pack of Blueys

Contains 19 packs of frozen bait

if a seasonal item is out of stock we will replace with a alternative




5 x Dca or Breakaway gripleads

normally 5 or 6 oz weights or a variation will be Included in the pack

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