stuffed squid and peeler crab


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stuffed squid and peeler crab

  Solent Baits is always thinking of good ideas and putting them into practice
to go along with our popular cocktail baits are our.

Suitable from Beach or Boat simply defrost or put on frozen , and use as you would a normal squid .
With added scent oozing out of the squid slowly it will attract throughout the time its in the water imroving your catch rate

These are very good when casting as very aerodynamic and cast a lot better than normal cocktails that tend to twist in flight .Also these take longer to wash out in faster moving tides too so the bait stays usable for longer with tonnes of scent coming out for longer .
These are a simple yet very effective bait to use .

These are stuffed whole squid
4 to 5 baits in a packthese are all frozen and vacuum packed for freshness

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