Solent Baits Falkland Island Unwashed Squid


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Solent Baits Falkland Island Unwashed/Dirty

c6 Squid 


What Is Solent Baits Falkland Island Squid 

Our Very Popular Solent Baits Falkland Island Unwashed Squid (Loligo Gahi) is sourced in the southwest Atlantic  Generally are around 15cm or less so are slightly smaller in  size than the Calimari  the colour is the same as the Californian squid. It is frozen at sea Unwashed /Dirty allowing all it’s natural juices to stay intact not washed away . We Pack them in very handy 400 gram approx  vacuum sealed packs,  which keeps them extremely fresh so when you are ready to use them they will release Incredible amounts of their Fresh Natural Juicy Squidy scents into the water which many fish including Bass, Rays, Huss, Conger, Cod and so many more fish  find them so irresistable

How do i fish with it ?

Solent Baits Falkland Island Unwashed Squid

This squid is perfect size to use whole 3/0 ,4/0 pennel rigs ,or in cut into strips for smaller species such as bream wrasse  etc

 For bigger fish such as Bass,Cod, etc I recommend a Pulley Dropper rig Hook Size 3/0 or 4/0 Sakuma Manta Extra, or a similar Mustad or Kamasan hook ,or  Pulley rigs 3/0  or a  Up and Over Pulley Rig with 3/0 Pennel and a single Falkland Island squid, secured with a couple of turns of bait elastic,This will allow perfect bait presentation everytime .

Also great for using as a cocktail bait black lug and c6 squid superb bait

For smaller species the

Solent Baits  Squid can be cut into strips and used with a flapper rig or clipped rig hook size 4,2 would be perfect @solentbaits

What Fish Will It Catch  

Species to include Cod,Bass,Bullhuss,Bream,Dogfish,Plaice,Rays,Turbot,Brill ,Wrasse  Etc ,

in fact most species in the ocean


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