Solent Baits Blueys – Large


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Solent Baits Blueys – Large

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Blueys are an Extremely Oily fish making them Immensely Good especially for Rays, Cod ,Coalfish,Halibut, Dogfish and Whiting.

To look at a Bluey it resembles a cross between a Mackerel and a Garfish. These fish are found all over the Pacific from Japan to the Gulf of Alaska. The oil from a bluey has a far greater viscosity than mackerel or herring. It washes out much slower making it far more effective as a bait when using baits of an equivalent size.

You can use Solent Baits Blueys – Large in exactly the same way as mackerel, Fillets, Chunks, Slithers, Strips, Whole or Head and Tailed. Slithers for Whiting, Chunks for Dogfish and Penelled Strips for Ray especially. For the latter I generally cut a strip off of about 3-5inches and whip it on to the hooks. Do not strike straight away as Ray are scent feeders and often the first knocks you feel are the fish searching around trying to locate the bait with its mouth.
To Bait up a Bluey for shore fishing for rays you have 2 options

  1. cut the blueys head and tail off and then cut the remaining section in half leaving 2 x ideal ray, bass, cod baits and hooks these on a pennel set up and elasticate them onto the hooks
  2. fillet the blueys as you would mackerel. Use the entire length of the fillet if you are fishing from short to medium range or cut the fillet in half if you are trying to fish at distance for them.