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Prawn/Bluey ,A cocktail bait is simply two or more baits presented together on the same hook. Prawn/Bluey,There are no rules about what baits can be combined together and it can be productive to experiment with baits ,over 35 years experimenting with baits i have came up with some unique combinations and will improve your catch rate, and catch some different species you may never have caught before .

I first thought of these 25 odd years ago whenever ,i was match fishing to have lots of baits all ready prepared ,saves mess , time and ,

when its cold its hard to get all the baits ready and neatly in time too.i used to store them in a wide mouth flask too, to keep them frozen,

Simply defrost and cut to size depending on species and hook size allready prepared for you in a handy pack .

With over 30 years mail ordering bait experience you can be sure with Solent baits you get quality baits and a professional service

Great for young or inexperienced anglers too as saves on bait preparation and the need for using sharp knives etc , and messy baits as all is done for you .

What types of ready baits are Available ?

Prawn/Cuttle   Cocktail

Prawn/bluey   Cocktail

Prawn/squid  Cocktail

Prawn/Lug   Cocktail

Prawn/Herring  Cocktail

Sandeel/Bluey  Cocktail

Sandeel/Lug  Cocktail

Squid/Mackerel Cocktail

Squid/Bluey  Cocktail

Squid/Lug    Cocktail

What Fish Will It catch ?

When we went to Norway the Prawn/Bluey smashed the cod and the Prawn/Herring was great for Coalfish and Cod,this will catch a large variation of fish from whiting,even Tope and big rays we have had on these Prawn/Bluey cocktail baits

With several types to choose from the list you can be sure there is a bait for your fishing type





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