Plaice Booms

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This Boom Plaice Brill and Turbot rig is an excellent rig allowing a single trace or a wishbone to be fished from it. The rig is perfect for drifting over areas of sand and mussel beds along the South Coast and Areas such as Weymouth and Alderney.  The boom allows the weight to be fished on the bottom dragging along with the bait behind and stirring up the bottom creating maximum attractiveness to the plaice. This rig is easily the best plaice rig for drifting and even at anchor of a boat, often out-fishing normal rigs substantially. Every Brill Plaice and Turbot fisherman needs one of these amazing rigs in their tackle box. Check out the rest of the Listings as well to find many different fishing accessories such as Boat and shore rigs, weights terminal tackle and much much more including the deadly plaice turbot and brill boom spreader rigs.