Oiled Black Lugworm


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Oiled Black Lugworm


What is Oiled Black lugworm ?

Oiled Black Lugworm


Oiled Black Lugworm ,Simply 10 nice sized  gutted  Black Lugworm 6-8 inches or bigger in oil.

Using special oil, and our special tried and tested technique , we then vacuum pack them in handy packs ,it keeps the lugworm very moist and also adds attractant with the oils we use ,this not only enhances the worm but also keeps the air out and has a shelf life of 3/4 months without the need to freeze them

This is a great bait to keep in your box when you fancy a last minute trip ,some of my customers swear by these over frozen lug

How long will it keep ? 

Our Gutted Black Lugworm Has a shelf life of 3/4 months without the need to freeze or chill  them

What fish will it catch ?

Cod,Pollock,Bass,whiting , Plaice etc… in fact any species that normally  fall to worm baits


Rig choice ?

Rig choice can be flappers pulleys depending on time of year and what fish you are going after


Any Questions ?..

Any questions about using this product or advice please email solenttackle@ymail.com or ring us 02392739116,

We are passionate about angling and we are here to help