Maddies or Harbour Rag 1/2 pound


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Maddies or Harbour Rag

Maddies or Harbour Rag 1/2 pound


These are a great bait to use in bunches when targeting flounders and other flatfish

they are found in various areas around our coastline and are in every matchmans bait box when flatties are about

The Harbour Ragworm is the smaller cousin of the King ragworm, growing to only around 1-3 inches in length.

Harbour Ragworm are often tipped with another bait such as squid or mackerel to make them even more irresistible to fish

1/2 pound of Maddies is approximately 200+ worms used on size 4 or 6 or even size 8 Aberdeen hooks or similar used on a flapper or clipped rigs are best .

Please give us as much notice to collect these as sometimes very hard to collect .

maddies can be kept for 5 days after being collected if kept cool in fridge set at 50 Fahrenheit in paper with either sea peat or vermiculite or in a shallow tray of sea water 


Flounder ,Mullet,Wrasse,Bass,Bream,Sole,Dabs,Gurnards,Plaice etc

These are dug to order. Please call the office on 02392 718978 for delivery times etc


Please give a couple days notice as worms are dug to order