Mackerel and Bluey Bait Dip


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Mackerel and Bluey Bait Dip

What are Solent Sea Dips 

  1. Gives  off a huge scent and flavour trail
  2. This is a highly Concentrated  dip for your baits
  3. This is a explosion of Bait Scent
  4. Specially formulated and  made with natural ingredients
  5. Red thick consistency dip
  6. Scent Stays on Baits even after reeling in
  7. Several high concentrate Flavours
  8.  Dip bait in  before your cast


Peeler Crab
Crab Cart
Bluey and Mackerel
Squid and Cuttlefish
Sandeel and Prawn

you can still smell it on your bait when you reel in after its been out there a while

gives you the edge when targetting fish

comes in a  Big value 200ml tub for easy use .