live peeler crab qty 50


Live Peeler Crab Qty 50

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All our crabs will vary in size .During the seasons  the 1st part or the year March/April time they will be much bigger as the bigger males peel 1st after this the smaller males and Females will peel .




Live Peeler Crab Qty 50

What is a peeler crab ?

A Peeler crab is the common shore crab ,which when he outgrows his shell  ,he sheds the one he has in order to grow bigger

this period a week or so in pre moult stage its when the shedding process produces a scent trail that fish find irresistable .

after this he becomes a softy not so much scent but still a good bait.

Where will i find a Peeler Crab ? 

The Peeler crab will hide and bury when he peels as he is in danger from being eaten .

Under rocks is good  but always turn the rocks back to the same position you found them ,and weed or kelp beds  a lot of hard work for very little crabs sometimes

What fish will a Peeler crab catch ? 

Cod,Smoothhound,Bass ,Rays  to name a few

How do i bait up a Peeler Crab ? 

Remove as much of the outer shell and under armour on the crab as you can ,keep the legs and carefully peele them too ,a painfull process but a great bait for smaller species .

your then left with the roundish shape piece of crab meat ,the crab can if too big be cut in half at this stage or used whole ,several ways to mount on a hook through the back of the Peeler crab and out through a leg socket and wrap with bait elastic is a good way.