Herring Mesh Baits


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Herring Mesh Baits ?.
“Get ready to reel in the big catch with our top-quality herring mesh fishing bait. Perfect for any angler looking to up their game. Order now!”
What are Herring Mesh Baits ? .
Herring Mesh Baits are minced up herring then put into blocks cut into the perfect shape put into mesh and frozen into packs of 10 frozen baits
What fish will i catch on Herring Mesh Baits?.
Cod ,Rays,Bass etc.
10 in a pack simply pull one out and elasticate onto a hook and cast
the mesh holds the juicy scenty baits together and the fish find them irresistable
Use the bait from frozen for best results
What rig is best to use ? .
Pulley rig or pennel rig is best using a size 3/o hook .


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