Frozen Peeler Crab


Frozen Peeler Crab


Frozen Peeler Crab qty 50 

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Frozen Peeler Crab

  QTY 50 Crabs 

Frozen Peler Crab Fresh Blast frozen English Crabs ,

Frozen Peeler Crabs  qty 4 to 7 in a packet depending on sizes etc ,we wait till the Peeler crab is ready .when the  shell is cracking and just starting to lift off ,not just ram in a bag as hardbacks or dead crabs  like some these are proper English Peeler crabs prime and ready to catch fish .


Frozen Peeler Crab,  QTY 50

What is a Frozen Peeler Crab ?

A peeler crab is a A common shore crab ,once or sometimes twice a year ,depending on sea temperature  tides food sources etc it grows too big for its old shell so ,when this happens it will start forming a new shell under its old one this process is when its called a peeler crab this , is when the crab is at its most vulnerable and fish find it more attractive ,  in this changeover period which lasts 2 to 4 weeks  , is when the crab emits hormones and pheromones and juices to allow the shell to ease of quicker etc and the  scent is picked up by other fish they cant resist it and they home in on the smell ,probably one of the best baits available at this time .we wait just till the right moment then blast freeze them to minus -31 in minutes so you get great quality ready to use prime peeler Crabs.

Collecting Peeler Crabs 

When the crab starts to peel it is very vulnerable so it goes away and hides under rocks, weed, sometimes bury,s itself too ,time and effort and a lot of foraging in mud leaks by groynes ,piers, in kelp beds ,can prove effective  forward thinking is needed sometimes after a 2 hour,s  looking everywhere you find none sometimes a few there worth the effort a great allround Shore or boat fishing bait 








these are nice size frozen peeler crab qty 50 in packs of 10 frozen 2 weeks ago