Freezer Filler Pack

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Blast frozen sea fishing bait packs from solent baits

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Freezer Filler Pack



Freezer Filler Pack from Solent Baits consists of all the following items

2 x Packs mackerel
2 x Packs peeler
2 x Packs softies
2 x Packs king prawn
2 x Packs dirty squid
2 x Packs super squid
2 x Packs Solent Baits Black Squid
1 x Cuttlefish pack 3
2 x Packs bluey

1 x halfbeak

1 x herring
1 x Solent Bait pack 1
1 x Solent Bait pack 3
2 x Packs stuffed squid/bluey
2 x Packs stuffed squid/mussel
2 x Packs stuffed squid/cart
2 x Packs stuffed squid/peelers



All the above baits are selected by us to give you the best chance of catching a wide variety of different species of fish from Cod to bass to sole to rays this will cover it all.

And as to be expected the quality is the best we can source and all stored in commercial freezers and sent by express couriers double packed in polystyrene boxes to insure it arrives frozen to your door next day

some itemsĀ  may be replaced with similar value items if out of stock (seasonal items )


winter cod pack
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