Crab Cart Wings lightly (SALTED)


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Crab Cart Wings lightly (SALTED)

crab cart wings

lightly salted
5 in a pack
Fishing Baits

these are really good quality large wings

1. What are crab cart wings ?
These are the red Juicy, meaty bits in the top part of a hen crabs these are scooped out carefully and then put on a bed of salt to firm up etc.

2. How do i fish with cart wings ?

when you take a wing out of the pack it can be cut into strips with scissors or used whole as a big bait ,and elasticated on the hook.

3. What fishing rig should i use for crab cart ?

besides, A Pulley Rig or a Pennel rig if targetting smaller species a Flapper type rig is also avery good choice.

4. What fish like crab cart ?

equally important ,People have realised that crab cart fishing bait will catch lots of other species , including, Cod and ,Bass,Bream Flounders ,Plaice ,Brill,Smoothounds, and Bullhuss etc.

5. Where is the best place to go fishing ?
some beaches or piers,rocks and ,estuarys will fish better at high tide ,some at low tide some in daylight some in the day ,equally important is practice different times places etc.

6. can i use crab cart boat fishing ?
Yes cart is a very good bait from the boat, Congers ,Bullhuss,Bass,Cod,Rays ,Smoothounds too will be caught on cart .
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