Calamari Squid 1 lb box


Squid vary in size from 4-8inches.

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Calamari Squid 

1lb box or pack

What is Calamari Squid ?

Calamari Squid 1 lb box is a species of squid found of the coast of California brought into the uk for food purpose but is widely used for sea fishing.

the squid is probably the most widely  used squid as its size is perfect for fishing  for cod bass etc,with no need to cut or resize your baits

Weather systems sometimes makes the squid go deeper so fluctuates the price too commonly found in 1lb boxes or 5 lb boxes

The 1lb Box of squid offers good value for day  trips etc 

Roughly 50 squid are in a 5lb box 10 in a 1 lb box
The squid is very effective for almost every species. Every boat angler and shore angler will use squid, whether it be in strips for smaller fish or whole for larger fish.

A must have when using whole squid is elasticated cotton as tends to sag and hide the point of the hook!
Calamari squid is probably the most popular squid used by shore/boat anglers anglers. It is easy to use and is a very effective bait for a variety of species such as :

What fish will Calamari squid it catch 

  • Cod
  • Bass
  • Bream
  • Dogfish
  • Rays
  • and many more

Squid comes in a frozen 5lb bulk box, or 1 lb box ideal to use whole in the winter or in strips as a tipping bait.
Also for winter fishing squid and lugworm wraps are highly effective on a pulley pennel rig.
Summer fishing with squid can produce undulate rays bass and bream. For the bream a smaller size 2 or 4 hook and a strip of squid is usually the best bait..For the rays the best rigs I recommend are pulley pennels or pulley dropper pennel rigs.. All available on the rigs section of this website.

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