Bluey fillets


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Bluey fillets

What are Bluey fillets ?

Bluey fillets are freshly filleted Bluey(Pacific Saury)


These are great to cut into strips as smaller baits saves a lot of time and mess too.

also good to use as cocktail baits too

what fish will Bluey catch ?

You can use Blueys in exactly the same way as mackerel, Fillets, Chunks, Slithers, Strips, Whole or Head and Tailed. Slithers for Whiting, Chunks for Dogfish and Penelled Strips for Ray especially. For the latter I generally cut a strip off of about 3-5inches and whip it on to the hooks. Do not strike straight away as Ray are scent feeders and often the first knocks you feel are the fish searching around trying to locate the bait with its mouth.