Thornback Ray

What is a Thornback Ray ?

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 A  member of the Ray family
lives in  inshore waters  which has spines on the back and tail.Can grow to 20lb plus
The Thornback Ray is usually found on seabeds such as mud, sand or gravel at depths between 10-60m. Smaller Thornback Rays
What Bait will catch a Thornback Ray ? 
  They feed on small fish ,worms Small crabs  crustaceans, particularly shrimps; adults feed on  Peeler crabs, shrimps and small fis,Sandeel,Blueys .,Prawns and Ragworm.
What fishing rig is best for Thornback rays ? 
The Thornback Ray loves to ambush its prey ,so longer Snnods on  Pulley Rigs and up and Over rigs work well size 1/0 to 3/0 hooks work best  longer snoods allows the fish to swim off ,swallow the bait with little resistance ,this rig will increase your catch rate
During the Spring and summer months Thornback Rays are within easy reach of the shore angler
Where will i catch a Thornback Ray ?   
lives in inshore waters favouring muddy sandy clean seabeds
below is a list of baits and rigs which will help you to catch them

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