What is a Halibut ? 

A Halibut is athe largest member of the Flatfish family reaching weights up to 500lb and 7ft long

Dark brown in colour with a white underbelly ,a emmensly powerful hard fighting  fish

Sharp Teeth too

Where will i catch a Halibut ? 

the odd one gets caught in the uk but Norway  Bodo ,Scarnsundet etc is the place to go They are caught in Pacific and Atlantic oceans too and in american and canada seas Iceland,Greenland and Scandinavian waters too

What bait is good for Halibut ?

The halibut will eat a wide variety of fish ,Herring ,Blueys,Mackerel rtc

and the odd shellfish

What rigs are good for Halibut ? 

from the boat or shore  a simple 1 hook rig i prefer as unhooking is easier

the  Pulley Rig with uprated components is good from the shore

100 to 150lb snoods with, 100lb main body line and 6/0 minimum strong  hook i like the Carfish hook pattern or the Octopus Pattern ,Cox And Rawle Meat hooks and Chinu Pattern are also very good with the pulley rig i like a 5ft body and a 3.5 ft snood his keeps it up off the rocky bottom where the Halibut scour for food  .Shiny flashy spoons and beads also work well from the shore .boat fishing is modtly lures pink,red,yellow being a good colours

How do i unhook a Halibut ? 

With Catfish or Circle hooks  and a bit of luck the fish should be liphooked ,long nosed pliers are good a wet towel to hold the fish  ,watch out for the sharp teeth and the fish flipping its tail these have been known to cause injurys when handled wrong 2 people are best to handle a big specimen .

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