Pyramid Lead

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Pyramid Lead


Pyramid Lead , why use a Pyramid Lead Ideal for fishing water with sandy or muddy bottoms, swift currents and rough conditions 4-sided design top and bottom of this lead Resists tumbling The pyramid sinkers are a practical choice when fishing water with sandy or muddy bottoms, swift currents and rough conditions. The 4-sided design of pyramid weights resists tumbling,yet allowing your bait rig to get in place and stay there. Pyramid Sinkers cast well, sink quickly and won’t damage your line.unlike normal weights which anchor you to the seabed this lead will allow you to cover more sea bed, by rolling slowly with the tide in fast running waters  , they also hold in strong currents surprisingly well too.also when retrieving will reduce the chance of snagging up .Whatever way these leads land they will be very aerodynamic both in casting and the way they sit in the tide allowing you to use lighter lines,and weights and enjoy the fishing more, and hopefully improve your catch rate too .

What is continental fishing ? 

Continental fishing is where u fish in more sandy ,more calmer almost tide free waters such as the Mediterranean ,lighter lines, smaller hooks, and longer rods up to 14 ft and 16ft is quite common now .the earlier continental rods were rubbish but the new breed of rods out there now fromVeret,Vega,Tronix etc etc are a unbelieble piece of modern engineering a step up in the fishing world bite sensitivity and extreme casting distances achieved with a simple overhead thump also they can be used in our waters with are tides etc ,i still think some of the quotes 300 gm casting weights are silly ,however if you want a rod which ticks every box exept extreme rough ground fishing look no further .

with modern rod technology and high grade carbon rods etc it has been able to make rods to suit every beach

Weights Available 

80 GM

110 GM

130 GM

180 GM

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80gm, 110 gm, 130 gm, 180 gm